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Partner schools

School partnerships between Heinrich Metzendorf Vocational College and schools from abroad bring a truly international experience into the classroom. These partnerships enable students to interact directly with students from around the world. Students learn about the culture, educational system and lifestyle of the students in their partner school through interaction by letters, emails or school project meetings. They also have the opportunity to practice their second language skills with native speakers or get a first hand account of the country that they are studying about in school.

Unsere Partner/ Our partners: ( diesen Titel hier auch in deu + engl. Version neu einsetzen!! )


Training centre Almond Vocational Link (AVL) in Plymouth
Since 2014 a cooperation with AVL exists in order to offer vocational internships for students and trainees of Heinrich Metzendorf School. The training center finds internships and organizes at the same time the accommodation for the participants near the place of the internships.


Vocational school LEGTA Aix- Valabre in Gardanne / South France
The partnership with the vocational school LEGTA in Gardanne near Aix- en- Provence has existed for about 35 years now. Educational projects in the frame of the program “Youth in Action” of the European community and also with the aid of financial support of the German-French Jugendwerk were realized in the past.
In doing so, encounters of teenagers from 5 nations and German-French encounters in the occasion of project work with the subjects renewable energies, agriculture, power economy and environmental protection took place.
The next meeting is planned in Bensheim in March 2018, where German and French students will together learn about possibilities of energy saving and sustainable economic activity by company visits, joint classes and project work.

Vocational school CFA Le Beausset / South France
This vocational school offers German trainees in the bakery trade opportunities for joint projects, may it be in school or through an internship in the region.

Vocational school Costebelle in Hyères / South France
Since 2014 students of the vocational school Costebelle in Hyères/Cote d'Azur and students of the Heinrich Metzendorf School work together in projects of Peer Teaching. In doing so, students teach students in German courses for the French students, for those French students who are going to travel later in the year to Germany for an internship. Also, there are projects which focus on the comparison and the extension of vocational knowledge in the areas of gastronomy and electrical engineering.


Vocational school Riva
The partnership with the vocational school in Bensheim’s European partner community exists already for many years. The Heinrich Metzendorf School offers study trips in regular intervals to the school to communicate an insight for interested groups into traineeship, world of work and the school system in Italy. At last a German group of trainees of the area hotel and gastronomy was in Riva in September 2016, a further visit is planned for September 2018. Vocational internships in the partner country are possible for both parties.


Hotel and Tourism Vocational College Escuela de Hotelería y Turismo de Varadero
There has been a partnership with the Hotel and Tourism Vocational College in Varadero. There, competent specialists are formed for work in the growing tourism sector of the country.
In spring 2018, students from Heinric h Metzendorf Vocational College could get for the first time an insight into vocational education there, and also about life in Cuba in general -- an impressing trip to a country where many things are different and where there are more things to discover tahn music, dance, prescious beacher and typical cocktails -- who is going to take part in the next study visit?


Training center HETEL in Bilbao
Already since the beginning of 2008 the Heinrich Metzendorf School has worked together with the national training center HETEL to offer internships abroad for students in both partner facilities. Since then regular internships for Spanish students take place in the Bergstraße region, the next group will be expected in spring 2019. It is planned to send German students to Spain for an internship.


Vocational school MATC (Madison Area Technical College)
A new stay on the American partner vocational school Madison Area Technical College in Madison is planned for 2018.
For some years already, the Heinrich Metzendorf School has had contact to the MATC in Madison, a large college with numerous subject areas. The environment around the city Madison is interesting for students and teachers from the subject area structural engineering.


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