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Wood engineering


  • carpenter
  • Subject practitioner for wood-working

Contents/ learning areas:

Carpenters are taught next to the classes in subject theory and general education subjects especially in the first year of training a practical education in modern bank- and machine rooms. To this are not only counting the traditional timber joints like marking, slotting and tapping but also the CNC machining centre offers for the further training to the carpenter in the modern cabinetry an abundance of practical capabilities. Furthermore the students get trained on the woodworking machines like format circular saw, circular saw bench etc. With the machine certificate TSM1 they get the qualification to operate these machines independently. The first year of training takes normally place as full time classes in a year of vocational preparation. In exceptional cases and in agreement with the school and the firm this also can be effected as a dual apprenticeship. The second and third year of training always takes place as a dual apprenticeship (1.5 days school, 3.5 days firm). Especially in the second and third year of training students can produce constructions of work pieces over the screen with the aid of equivalent CAD software. Another advantage of this technology is the possibility of simulation of production processes on the screen to test CNC programming for errors already before the start of production.

Subject practitioner for wood working is an occupation that requires training for a special group of people. The three-year apprenticeship takes place in wood working firms or facilities of vocational rehabilitation. The apprenticeship is oriented at the recognized occupation that requires training or the carpenter.
They produce wood building parts like boards or finished products from wood. They cooperate with producing timber, profiled timber, boards, three-ply woods and flake boards. Subject practitioners for wood working choose the wood which will be used for that. They measure and assemble wood parts. They glue individual parts together, for example. In doing so, they follow the production outline. Besides that, they also operate machines like saws, moulding cutters and wood drills. But they also work with metal, plastic or glass. Furthermore they prepare the finished products for the storage or dispatch.
Subject practitioner for wood working often work in carpenter’s workshops. They also can find work in industrial companies which work with wood. This can be sawmills and moulding factories or furniture factories. They work especially in workshops.

Overview of the learning areas:

1. Year of training
Learning area 1: producing simple products from wood
Learning area 2: producing compounded products from wood and wood building materials
Learning area 3: producing products from different building materials
Learning area 4: producing small pieces of furniture

2. Year of training
Learning area 5: producing single furniture
Learning area 6: producing system furniture
Learning area 7: producing and mounting built-in furniture
Learning area 8: producing and mounting room-limiting elements of the interior work

3. Year of learning
Learning area 9: producing and mounting building elements of the interior work
Learning area 10: structure producing and mounting conclusive building elements
Learning area 11: maintaining products
Learning area 12: executing a work order from the field of activity

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