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Personal hygiene

Vocational profile

Hair dresser are first and foremost hair artists. In a creative way they wash, cut, blow-dry, colour, curl the hair of the customers – but they are also experts concerning make-up, manicure or beard design.

The vocational school classes cover the following 13 learning areas:Koerperpflege

• orienting oneself in the apprenticeship and in the occupation
• welcoming and looking after clients
• grooming hair and scalp
• recommending hair styles
• cutting hair
• creating hair styles
• forming hair permanently
• tinting hair
• colouring and bleaching hair
• grooming and designing hands and nails
• designing skin decoratively
• cooperating in operational processes
• carrying out complex hair dresser services

Education goals and vocational perspectives

The successful apprenticeship ends with the receipt of the certificate of the completion of the apprenticeship in the hairdresser trade.

Additionally can with the passed trade test – depending on the personal school requirements – the certificate of secondary education, the middle degree or even the advanced technical college entrance qualification be acquired.


After the apprenticeship to the hairdresser the examination for the hairdresser master or master assistant for cosmetics in the hairdresser trade can be taken. A specialization for different areas like men’s or women’s hairstyles or make-up art is possible.

Some other further education prepares for management and specialised functions, like salon manager. Continuative a training to the make-up artist can follow, a subsequent employment at the TV or theatre is thinkable.


Under certain requirements a course of studies is also possible without the school university entrance qualification. The particular colleges give information.

Possible working areas:

The employers are normally self-employed hairdresser master with an own salon, but the activities in hotels or hospitals are not unsual as well. Also in the specialist shop at the hairdresser’s requirements there is an activity field which has nothing to do with the actual occupation but only contains the distribution of the products.

A current trend in this occupation is the mobile hairdresser. Due to the demographic change within our society, there are more and more elderly people who cannot or do not want to go to a hairdresser’s shop. The mobile hairdresser activates itself in this field and goes to the client’s home.

Large hair cosmetical companies keep on looking for well-trained trainers for their seminars.

Department manager

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