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Metal engineering

In this field of education, you can become tradesman/ woman in the following jobs:

• Precision mechanic
• Industrial mechanic
• Machine and plant operator
• Tool mechanic
• Cutting machine operator

Activities of a precision mechanic
Precision mechanics produce machines, devices, systems and plants, products of pressing-, cutting- and forming technique as well as of fixture- and molding technique. They maintain them or repair them. They work in numerous areas of the precision mechanic and optics of the machine- and tool construction and in the electrical industry.

They also can be employed at manufacturers of measuring instruments and test control units, machines or precision machine- and tool parts, for example. Trained are the subjects mechanical engineering, precision mechanics and tool design and construction.

Activities of an industrial mechanic
Industrial mechanics produce, maintain and supervise technical systems. They are busy with the installation, conversion and operation of production plants. Their application fields are mechanical and plant engineering, fine tool building, maintenance as well as production engineering.

Activities of a tool mechanic
Tool mechanics produce precision building parts by manual and automatic manufacturing methods from different materials. They work at the batch production of products made of plastics und metals and manufacture instruments for the operative medical technology. Their operational fields are form technique, fixture technology, pressing technique as well as instrument technique.

Activities of a cutting machine operator
Cutting machine operators work in areas of the industry and the trade in which building parts are produced by straining methods. Their operational fields are lathe systems, milling machine systems, grinder machine systems as well as automatic lathe systems.

Activities of a machine and plant operator
Machine and plant operators (2 years duration of training) work in almost every production line in the industry and are mainly deployed in operating machines and plants. The contents of the training are corresponding to the metal occupations so that a continuation in another occupation that requires training is possible.

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