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Construction Engineering - Bricklayer


  • Bricklayer
  • Structural engineering skilled worker

Content/Learning areas:

bautechnik maurer 01Bricklayers produce bare brickworks for residential buildings and commercial premises. They do preparative work which serves for the establishment and technical development as well as for the improvement of the building, they produce concrete bases. Then they build outer and inner walls as well as the ceilings or they install them out of semi-finished- or finished parts. For concrete works molds are produced or modern molding systems are installed. Bricklayers use reinforcements which they produce partly themselves out of reinforcing steel. They mix concrete at building sites or process ready-mixed concrete. They bring in the fresh concrete into the molds and compact it. Partly they also plaster the walls, lay concrete floor or install insulating mats. Beyond that, demolition and reconstruction works also belong to the tasks of a bricklayer. At repair works and clean-up operations they determine structural damage and their causes and eliminate them.

The learning areas in the three years of training reflect the vocational area and a wide basic education (in the first year of training).

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