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Vocational school

The training in the dual system takes place in two learning locations, in the company and in the vocational school. Requirement for a vocational apprenticeship in the dual system in Germany is a vocational apprenticeship contract with a company. The vocational school which is to be visited depends on the location or rather on the regional belonging of the company. The practical part of the apprenticeship is done in the companies, the theoretical part is taken over by the vocational school. The training in the companies takes place on three to four days per week, on one or two days the trainee visits the vocational school, block teaching can be offered alternatively. The training in the company and vocational school will often be complemented by training which takes places in own workshops of the craft guilds and chambers. The training in the vocational school is subject to the school supervising authorities of the federal states and the applying curricula which are again based on the framework curriculum. Meanwhile the learning area concept has been established in almost every profession.

The teaching mission of the vocational school consists of the communication of specialist skills, knowledge and competences, the so called “professional capacity for action”. The result of that is a general focus of the class in the vocational school on certain main areas, like the communication of theoretical professional expertise and the reinforcement of general education. Altogether the vocational school contributes to the fulfilment of the tasks in the profession and to the participation in the professional world and society in economical, technical, social and ecological responsibility.

The classes in the vocational school include compulsory-, half compulsory-, optional and additional classes. The occupational classes and the subjects German/foreign languages, politics and economy, religion/ethics as well as physical education are taught as compulsory classes. In the frame of the half compulsory classes mathematics and foreign languages can be offered in the general learning area, for example. In the vocational learning area remedial teaching as well as courses for additional qualifications can complement the offer of classes.

Generally you do not need a (particular) school-leaving qualification to be able to start a dual vocational training. Higher school-leaving qualifications can be acquired by attending vocational school classes. So when someone who does not have a Certificate of Secondary Education completes successfully an apprenticeship in a recognized occupation requiring formal training, they can get the Certificate of Secondary Education together with a training qualification. Who already has a Certificate of Secondary Education can acquire the middle degree after a final qualification in a dual professional training if the required grade point average and the proof of English knowledge exist. The advanced technical college entrance qualification can also be acquired together with a dual professional training. For that you have to visit an additional class, generally at a vocational school, for example at Heinrich Metzendorf School itself.


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