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Knowledge of the English language is getting more and more important, especially in the background of a united Europe and with an increasing internationalization/globalization. Therefore we offer at HMS professionally- lead classes in commonly used and modern English which also prepares for the vocational requirements. In doing so we attach importance to design our classes with variety and close to reality and also involve other class locations such as visits to theatres. Since 2015 we have offered our students the possibility to complete an internship in Great Britain. The participants of these internships clearly improve their English knowledge and at the same time get an insight into the professional life in their occupational field in the host country. Our media centre offers a variety of English literature.

Additional classes for GCSE (degree of Middle School)

For students who have not acquired the GCSE yet, we offer additional classes in English to achieve it together with the training period of the apprenticeship.

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Ms. Sabine Gunkel
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