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Part time (BvB)


Are you an adolescent or a young adult? You do not have a training place or a Certificate of Secondary Education yet? You have fulfilled the compulsory education of 10 years? Then you have the chance to work towards that by a measure of BvB of the agency for work (Agentur für Arbeit) in cooperation with the BTZ in Bensheim as well as the Heinrich Metzendorf School.
The measure closes after 10 month with an oral evaluation or if applicable an external Certificate of Secondary Education.

Contents/learning fields

Vocational preparation measures shall serve as a vocational orientation and shall prepare for the start of a vocational training or a vocational activity.

What the Heinrich Metzendorf School offers during the measure?
A fixed vocational school day with the following opportunities:

• deepening and consolidation of already existing school knowledge
• remedial teaching for the acquirement of the external Certificate of Secondary Education
• strengthening of social skills
• communication of vocational basic knowledge and basic skills
• after successful participation the acquirement of basic qualification in vocational emphases

Subject emphasis in class:

• German
• Mathematics
• Politics and economy
• EDV (Office Programmes: Word, Excel, Powerpoint)

The orientation lays here on the valid frame curriculums.

Supporting opportunities:

Do you have a rehab status? Then you find in a separate organised class supporting opportunities to improve your training opportunities also in the school area.

Occupational profile:

The measure is controlled by the Bundesagentur für Arbeit and with support of the educational institution “Vocational Technique Centre” BTZ in Bensheim internship possibilities forming the choice and the possible entry in a vocational training or vocational activity.

Requirements for acceptance:
Adolescents or young adults who fulfilled 10 years of the compulsory education and have not started a vocational training for different reasons.

Future potential:

Education goals – further education
Improve your competences actively and find a vocational training possibility.


Course of application
The acceptance happens through the agency for work. If you feel concerned by this, then make an appointment with the agency for work which is responsible for you.


Ms. Regina Pollnowski
Tel.: 06251 8479-38
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