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Concept of Heinrich Metzendorf School

Vocational School Centre of the Bergstraße district in Bensheim

The Heinrich Metzendorf Vocational College in Bensheim wants to carry into effect an education that speaks to the whole human and empowers to take a meaningful and successful place in society during permanently changing conditions. (Resolution of the total conference of 30 October 2012)

To achieve this goal, we are orientating on three concept ideas:

LeitbildStudents first: In HMS students are ranking first.

In our students, we firstly see humans. We appreciate and respect all students. We face them with openness and patience and we are committing ourselves to them.

We are exemplifying the principals and values which we want to communicate. By lifelong learning we are staying up to date, so we are able to prepare our students for life and can teach them to solve problems.

Individual learning access, good learning conditions

Together with our students we are treating and reflecting learning paths. Because everybody is learning differently, we offer individual learning access for everyone. By cooperative and self-organizational learning we are supporting the independence of the students. We are succeeding by creating good learning conditions. Part of this is a stimulating learning environment as well as a pleasant learning atmosphere.

Many ways are leading into the future: We accompany our students on their personal educational way.

We accompany our students on their academic way which leads them to their vocational future. In doing so, we want to create the requirements for satisfaction in school and profession.

The key to the profession

We see the many qualifications and degrees which are possible to achieve at HMS as a key to the vocational world. Our offers are adjusted to the different entrance conditions which our students bring with them. Everybody should find chances for their personal educational development with us.

Options for our students:

• Stay abroad to improve intercultural competency
• Contacts to companies and institutions
• Development of social competences by participation in projects and school events
• Vocational orientation by gaining insight in many professions

Also for the future, it is important to us to secure the individual promotion and to arrange the academic transition positively by intensive cooperation with emitting schools. We want to use the technical equipment intensively and in a student- oriented way and want to improve it further.

Supporting personal responsibility

We open doors with our different offers, our commitment and by building bridges in direction of the vocational future. Everyone has to go there on their own. It means not to be left alone while going personal ways independently and taking responsibility for the personal learning. Together with the students we want to remove hurdles and create the future together with them.

To be able to do more: We give our students self-confidence and help them to realize their dreams.

We help our students with methodical and didactical sensitiveness to implement their dreams. Thereby we are accompanying them on their personal journey through the school time with us. They can reach their personal goals with the aid of our wide educational offer and our guidance.

Learning from each other

Even when the way does not always run upright, we believe in our students – thereby we show patience and help them not to give up. Everybody is looking forward. We show our students what they are able to do and that we also can learn from them. Therewith we create sustainability.

To be able to do more

“To be able to do more” is a constant goal for the whole school community beyond the borders of the school building.


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